Jason Bartz

Configuring Coda and SFTP to work with Amazon AWS


This has been driving me crazy for a while so I spent a bit hunkering down to get these pieces into place.

The problem

You use Amazon AWS for your sweet apps and maybe do a bit of development in the cloud. You want an easy way to transfer files without dragging and dropping.


Amazon AWS Server

Coda (Mac OSX)


The configuration

This config is specifically for Coda, however, I imagine it will work for other editors with SFTP ability.

First off, make sure you have the .pem file from AWS.

Copy that file to your ssh configuration direction

cp /path/to/your-keypair.pem ~/.ssh/your-keypair.pem


Next, add it to your ssh config file

vim ~/.ssh/config

Host thenameyouwannause
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/your-keypair.pem
HostName ec2-xxx-xx-xxx-xx.compute-x.amazonaws.com
User root


You’ll want to test it:

ssh thenameyouwannause


It should connect OK and get you to your server. You may have to modify permissions on that file to get it to work properly. If not, something is wrong and likely out of the scope of this article.

Now you’ll want to add a site to Coda.

The parts we care about:



In the latest version of Coda, when you select SFTP, the Terminal should automatically reflect what you type under Connecting.

First, change the Protocol to STFP. Next to server type thenameyouwannause. User name should be root. Leave password blank and Port at 22. Do not check the password prompt box.

Fill in the other information and give it a shot.

If you have issues, let me know in the comments.